Smart Home Systems and IoT Part 1

United Kingdom(Great Britain)English Version

Today we will see how we can make our home a little smarter with the help of the brilliant Xiaomi Gateway.


By itself the gateway does not have many practical applications, it is in general the brain of the operations that will connect with several sensors or action devices. The pins to connect to the power are Chinese so you should also buy an adapter for your zone. With this gateway we can listen to radio, get light or have an alarm. Contains a set of LED’s around and a built-in speaker.

There’s no interaction with Apple Home / Google Home, so it is not possible to send a voice command to Siri or Google Assistant. However there is an application developed by Xiaomi to interact with Gateway and all its devices.

avail_play_store_small avail_app_store_small

The Android version is currently better, starting with the translations, we have the possibility to switch to the English language where practically all the application is translated on the other side the iOS version only have parts translated.

To use the application you must have a Xiaomi account, if you do not have it, you can create one in the application. At the login on your account you should be cautious to choose your location as Mainland China, the choices are limited and any other option will block the access to all sensors or devices. After logged in, you must connect the Gateway to the account, press the “+”, then “new device” and choose Gateway.

The following screen appears and the Gateway flashes yellow.Mi-Smart-Home-Kit-小米智能家庭套装-Setup-Pairing-2

At the end the Gateway will blink blue and emit a beep.

Now you can start adding sensors.

We can start with the door/window sensor.

This small sensor consists of two parts, contains battery that lasts around 2 years and can be replaced when is going low. The operation method is simple, whenever there is a change in the distance between these two pieces a signal (using bluetooth) is sent to the gateway.201510311334328867

In order to communicate, the sensor must be added to the Gateway. In this case it is different, within the Smart Home application we access our Gateway then add a new “subdevice”. To do so, go to the “Device” panel and press on the “+”, choose the “Door and window sensor” from the various options there.Screenshot_20170308-114234

Now we have to connect this sensor. Nothing simpler, with the help of a clip insert it into the small hole placed on the sensor for a few seconds until the application alerts you. Finally you just have to choose where you want to put the sensor. Take into account the points of contact of the two pieces, these points of contact must be directed towards each other.Original-Xiaomi-Mi-Smart-font-b-Door-b-font-Window-font-b-Sensor-b-font-Intelligent

You can purchase a set of various sensors and actuators with the Gateway as this one, in the end will be cheaper than buying one by one.


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