Smart Home Systems and IoT Part 2

United Kingdom(Great Britain)

In the continuation of the previous article Smart Home Systems and IoT Part 1 we will add other sensors to the Gateway. For now let’s look at the motion sensor, one of the most important sensors to detect an assault in your house.

For just over € 8 you can have this sensor.

Even if it has a wide division this sensor is able to detect movement in a range of 170º and up to 7m.
Comes with a small replaceable battery and extra double-sided adhesives. Due to its small size and adhesives it is possible to glue it on the ceiling.Capturar

To add this sensor to the Gateway we access the “Device” panel and press the “+” button (Add Subdevice), choose the “Occupancy Sensor” from the several presented.

By inserting a clip into the sensor hole for a few seconds you will connect our new sensor to the Gateway. After a few seconds the process is finished. Now just choose where you want to put your new sensor, be careful because if you have animals the sensor will always be firing every time they pass through the zone.

With the help of the motion sensor and the application we can now configure some scenarios, such as sending an alert to the mobile phone each time someone activates the sensor.
This sensor can interact with all others that are connected to the Gateway. Like these Xiaomi lamps.

The Yeelight (10€)

and the Yeelight RGBW (15€)


Both are LED, the manufacturer indicates a duration up to 11 years (I can not prove this value) and has the same E27 bushing. The first one consumes 8W, it emits 600L and it is only possible to control the light intensity, in the case of the second consumption is 9W, emission of 600L and manages to reproduce a vast set of colors.

Pairing with the application could not be simpler, just screw the lamp, turn on and using the application add a new device (Yeelight). Done! At this time you can turn on, off, control the intensity and light color using the application.

But wait, we can now configure scenarios, we can add a rule that when the motion sensor is activated the Yeelight lamp is switched on, and others like past 2min if there is no movement the light turns off.
A case can be configured to when a door is open within a period of time, at night for example, both the Gateway alarm and the light switch on and the Gateway enters into alarm mode.
There is also the possibility to see all the events that were detected by the sensor in the Log tab.


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