iLife V7s Vacuum Cleaner

United Kingdom(Great Britain)
For those who have a busy life, come home late but like to have the house always clean we present a product that will make your life easier.

The stunning iLife V7s.


A small robot that vacuums and washes the floor. More and more we are finding offers of this type of products in the market, some more expensive than others and some with more or less features.

Let’s see what distinguishes the V7s from the rest.

The V7s has a plastic structure however it is quite sturdy.


There is a space inside it for a reservoir of water or powder that can be changed.
The dust container has particulate filters, which must be cleaned from time to time.
Comes equipped with a detachable mop for the way of washing of floor, this mop can be washed in the washing machine. Just like the brushes.
Has a 2600mh battery that allows the vacuum cleaner to work almost 2h30min.
The wheels are smooth so it won’t scratch the ground.
Has a infrared command and a charging base.

Aspiration mode:
powder/rubbish container 500ml
Side brush
Bottom brush

Washing Mode:
Water tank 450ml

The V7s can’t interleave cleaning modes automatically as the tanks have to be changed manually. It is equipped with proximity sensors in order to avoid contact with them, although sometimes it hits.
It also comes equipped with a stair sensor.
It is able to climb small carpets in the room, but if it finds a bigger carpet gets stuck and turns off.
If the battery is running out it goes into charging mode and returns to the base, it may take some time to find but it arrives there.

The level of suction power it is surprisingly good, it picks up practically all the garbage it comes across.

This robot is already programmed with some action modes and it is possible to program an aspiration period, so, even if you aren’t at home it starts alone and when it finishes returns to the base.Capturar


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