Xiaomi AMAZFIT international version review

United Kingdom(Great Britain)

Finally lets test the Amazfit Watch.

This equipment is very well achieved, sturdy, well polished, resistant bracelets. A really good watch.

The charging is done using a dock where the major fault is the lack of a magnetic system (such like the Apple Watch), it’s a plastic docking system, yet it looks quite sturdy and I do not believe it breaks.


The screen is quite generous (too much “generous” in my opinion), the big fault being the retro-lighting system. Inside areas with dim light it is very difficult to see the screen, however in the dark or outdoors it presents no difficulties. I hope that the problem is solved in the next update.

The bracelets are removable and compatible with any we have on the market (Portugal), which is great.

The HR sensor seems reliable, but I could not confirm it with other equipment at the same time.

It’s a round touch screen except small part at the bottom of the screen, only has one physical button placed on the right side of the watch.

The battery is quite good, using Apple Watch as a comparison term, Amazfit Watch gets another day of battery with an average use, including training.
The manufacturer indicates 5 days of standby which is not true.

The microphone and speaker are missing to complete the equipment.

IP67 certified, dust and water proof to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes.

The watch is responsive, there is a small delay on the menu entry, and when choosing an option but it is perfectly acceptable.

There is a set of watch faces available that can be changed using the Amazfit app in my opinion in a rather limited number (the manufacturer/developers could present a way to create the screens themselves)

It contains a large number of configurations available and the menus are easy to navigate, using a system of choice and confirmation of options by dragging the finger to the left, backwards dragging with the finger to the right. In this last update you can access a fast menu with some useful information (such as the time, battery available) by dragging the finger from top to bottom.

We can set the clock to “wake up” with just the touch of the screen, so we also activate the backlight when lifting the arm in the gesture we usually perform to see the hours. By default these options are inactive, it is only possible to unlock the watch using the side physical button.

In this last update also provided a larger set of predefined activities such as outdoor and indoor cycling, elliptical, trail, initially it was only available, walking, outdoor running and indoor running.
It is possible to visualize the previously performed workouts as well as a small trace of the route (due to the GPS), heart frequencies among other data.

It is possible to upload music on the watch (through the connection to a computer), and since it is Bluetooth equipment we can connect a set of wireless headsets to listen to music whenever we want without the need for the phone. However I was not able to test this functionality, because whenever I tried to connect the headset no music was detected on the watch and could not start the playlist, another annoying event was when I turned the clock off and turned it back on ALL the songs had been removed, not knowing why I tried to connect the watch to another computer, this time with windows 10 and it was not recognized, it only worked with windows 7.

I initially thought that the alerts were limited to a set of predefined applications, surprise me, when it recognizes the different applications that send alerts and it adds the possibility to block or allow alerts, that can be managed in the mobile phone app.

You can also see a weekly weather forecast, as well as a sleep analysis, north/south directions with the electronic compass, perform training plans, cardiac measurement, daily step count.

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During training, we have all the necessary information on the screen, very complete and the GPS log quite accurate. The screen locks after a few seconds to avoid taps and power consumption of the equipment, dragging to the right side automatically pauses the workout. Negative point is that before starting the training is asked the user to wait a few seconds …errrr or minutes to triangulate the GPS signal, where “we should be in open space and away from buildings”, however it is possible to ignore and start the workout.

We finally arrived where it was the most negative point of this watch for me, it is only possible, in this international version, to synchronize training with Strava. Surprise my after having created an account purposely on the Strava that the workouts registered in the watch weren’t available in the Strava. After some research I came to discover that it is a problem on the mobile app, which from version to version has worked intermittently.

– Price far below the others, although more limited.
– Generous screen.
– Quite complete even for lack of micro and loudspeaker.
– Robust, good construction.
– Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS.
– Possibility of registering information independently.
– Screen is always on.
– Fast charging.
– Vibration system for notifications.

– In some areas it is difficult to see the screen.
– It takes some time to get the GPS signal.
– Failed when trying to listen to music.
– Training statistics are missing.
– You can not install other applications.
– Data synchronization problems with Strava (currently not working)

You can get one here.

And the apps here.

avail_play_store_small avail_app_store_small


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